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EPC Fight Legends UFC Season 175
 Character 1Red GamerWinnerRoundTimeMethodCharacter 2Blue GamerVideo
08:01A. Silvahanzo1201:48KOM. BispingPAIN
08:18St. PierreGoku2201:36KOM. BispingPAIN
08:36St. PierreGoku2204:01KOA. Silvahanzo
08:55M. BispingPAIN2104:50KOA. Silvahanzo
09:12M. BispingPAIN1202:04KOSt. PierreGoku
09:30A. Silvahanzo1102:46KOSt. PierreGoku

EPC King of the Street Belt UFC Season 171
 Character 1Red GamerWinnerRoundTimeMethodCharacter 2Blue GamerVideo
09:55F. Ngannouhanzo1202:16KOS. MiocicPAIN
10:13C. GaneGoku2101:36KOS. MiocicPAIN
10:31C. GaneGoku2201:37SUBMF. Ngannouhanzo
10:49S. MiocicPAIN2200:21KOF. Ngannouhanzo
11:07S. MiocicPAIN1300:25KOC. GaneGoku
11:26F. Ngannouhanzo1101:32KOC. GaneGoku

EPC Top Bastard Belt UFC Season 167
 Character 1Red GamerWinnerRoundTimeMethodCharacter 2Blue GamerVideo
11:50N. Diazhanzo1203:12KOC. McGregorPAIN
12:08D. PoirierGoku2302:01TKOC. McGregorPAIN
12:26D. PoirierGoku2302:45KON. Diazhanzo
12:44C. McGregorPAIN1204:13KON. Diazhanzo
13:02C. McGregorPAIN1104:59KOD. PoirierGoku
13:20N. Diazhanzo1104:06SUBMD. PoirierGoku

EPC Fight Legends UFC Season 176
 Character 1Red GamerWinnerRoundTimeMethodCharacter 2Blue GamerVideo
13:45M. Bispinghanzo1103:18KOSt. PierrePAIN
14:03A. SilvaGoku----St. PierrePAIN
14:21A. SilvaGoku----M. Bispinghanzo
14:39St. PierrePAIN----M. Bispinghanzo
14:57St. PierrePAIN----A. SilvaGoku
15:15M. Bispinghanzo----A. SilvaGoku

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